Monday, May 2, 2016

Rehearsal Notes for Monday, May 2nd

PLEASE implement these notes for tomorrow's rehearsal.
PLEASE review your lines, lyrics and blocking EVERY DAY now through the closing performance.
Get your heads wrapped around the fact that we have our first audience on Thursday night! Focus on the show and take pride in it.  If you don't, why should the audience care?

First announcement for "No Vacancy" needs to be louder.

THEO:  React more to Dewey every time he sings badly or pisses you off for trying to get more attention.

DEWEY:  Try to get more attention during the opening number with No Vacancy.  Dewey's energy needs to be off the charts especially when he's performing.  He thinks he's a Rock God!  Watch the guy in the green outfit in this AC/DC video.  That's the energy you need.

DEWEY:  Do a little jump at the very end of Too Hot for you after you say goodnight to Poughkeepsie.

PATTY:  Why were you late for your first entrance?

DEWY:  In the apartment, cover yourself completely with the blanket, as much as possible.

EMO GIRLS:  You probably will not be mic'd.  You need to SHOUT your lines over the song or we'll lose them.

ROSALIE:  Face out to the audience when you're talking to Dewey on the phone.

DEWEY:  Did you have a phone when you were talking to Rosalie?

STUDENTS/PARENTS:  You must enter faster when you come in for Horace Green.  There should be NO LAG TIME between students.  Did you ever see middle school kids get dropped off?  They come pouring in.  Stagger it ever so slightly, but there should be a constant flow of students and parents coming in.  FREDDY is the only one who runs in late.  If you do it correctly, the song should start immediately following the scene with TOMIKA and her DADS.  Be prepared, alert and ready for this entrance!

STUDENTS/TEACHERS:  The lines in Horace Green were very sloppy.  They need to be tight.  The movements sharp.  Like you're in the army.  At Horace Green you are taught discipline.  SHOW THIS by keeping your lines sharp and tight.

STUDENTS:   Exit through SR Vom as quickly as possible after Horace Green.

SHEINKOPF:  Make something of the line "Get back" when you're entering the classroom.  You truly phoned it in.  Act as though you are entering a cage of wild animals.

PROPS:  Please make a new "Welcome Parents" sign and be sure it is only used in ACT II.

PROPS/SUMMER:  We need white board markers either taped on the top of the white board or in Summer's box.  DEWEY also needs a marker for the first scene in the classroom.

SUMMER:  Pick up your cues.  Come in faster with your line after "Who's got food?"

DEWEY:  I was drunk...(take a beat) yesterday.

SUMMER:  Tighten up your cues.

STUDENTS:  ENERGY!!!  Remember the age you are playing.  The wonder, the curiosity of a middle school kid.

PROPS:  We need a gold star chart taped to the white board for every performance of the run.  DEWEY shreds it every night.

CAST:  If something is on the floor that shouldn't be there--PICK IT UP!!  DON'T IGNORE IT.  The audience will only focus on that and not watch the show.

NED:  Make your entrance faster when you come in to see Patty stretching.

DEWEY:  Learn your lyrics for CHILDREN OF ROCK.

PROPS:  We need a cello for Miette.

STUDENTS:  Transition into classroom after music class was painfully slow.  MOVE!!  Anticipate the transition and get your props and boxes ready! ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY!!!!

PROPS:  We need sheet music set up on the keyboard.

STUDENTS:  Have spacial awareness when you're in the classroom or anytime you're onstage.  Are you standing in a straight line? DON'T!  Do you need to move over if you're blocking someone?  YES!  Are you all clumped up in a corner?  FIX IT!  Be aware of one another and work with one another!

DEWEY:  Bring the bag of CD's in with you when you enter the classroom for You're in the Band.

LAWRENCE/DEWEY:  Pick up the pace of your scene.  It was ridiculously slow.  I felt like I was watching a serious drama play out instead of a musical comedy.  It's all about keeping the energy UP!

MASON:  Come in faster with your Battle of the Bands line.

STUDENTS/DEWEY:  You put me to sleep watching You're in the Band.  ENERGY!!!  STUDENTS, you have never had a teacher like this before. You have never seen an adult act this way before.  Start building the excitement so by the time the number ends you're exploding with joy and energy about being in a band!!!

BILLY:  Have more confidence wihen you sing If Only You Would Listen solo.  Even when you are mic'd it's hard to hear you.

STUDENTS:  In If Only You Would Listen, the turn on "and I promise one day..." has to be SHARP!!! You're all too slow!!  WAKE UP!!!!

STUDENTS:  After If only you would listen, hold 3 counts for applause, then MOVE immediately into classroom scene.

STUDENTS:  Can you show more enthusiasm when Dewey asks if you want to hear his song?  Don't just answer, "Yeah,"  be excited, ad-lib, show ENTHUSIASM!!!!!

DEWEY:  In the End of Time was all over the place.  Focus!  You're acting out your most favorite rock and roll fantasy.

SOUND:  Faculty Quadrille--I think all teachers need to be mic'd if that's possible.

TEACHERS:  Acknowledge ROSALIE when she walks into the faculty room.

FREDDY:  Come in faster with your line about goofing off all the time.

DEWEY:  Band practice--need more of a rock 'n roll flair.  Play air guitar with Zack.  Again, you are living out your rock 'n roll fantasy.

DEWEY:  ENERGY.  When you slow down, the whole show slows down.  You have to move the scene along.  "Rock is not about being perfect,"  etc., etc., etc.


DEWEY:  Punch the word "shit" so it stands out in Stick it to the man.  It's time to throw some SHIT against the fan...

JAMES:  "Mullins on the move.  Hold the final position from Stick It to the Man for 3 counts then move to the door and say the line LOUDLY.  You can blow your whistle here too.

DEWEY:  "On my signal"  that entire sequence needs much more energy.

OLIVIA B.  Go onstage as the teacher as DEWEY does the birdcall.

STUDENTS:  During the escape you were simply going through the motions.  No one was engaged in what they were doing.  You are ESCAPING FROM SCHOOL!!!!  Where's the excitement?????

STUDENTS/DEWEY:  Stick it to the Man Reprise was a train wreck.  No one seemed to remember any of the steps.  It is the end of the Act and needs to end on a very high note.  We've talked about this before.  Please find the time to get together as a group and review the reprise!!!

PROPS:  Pens for White Board.
SUMMER:  Make sure you have a white board pen for the top of ACT II.

BILLY:  Learn the dance for Time to Play!

SUMMER:  Get your clipboard when you're up on the box for Time to Play.

BILLY:  PRESENT LAWRENCE and his costume to the class.  When they say "Hell No," help Lawrence take it off and stash it in your box.  Remember to retrieve it each night for the next performance.  This is your responsibility--this is your prop!

SUMMER:  Jump off the box earlier.  Literally push people to do things as you snap at them.

DEWEY:  Try going behind the couch for the spit take in the faculty room.  I'm losing the joke because I can't see you.

TOMIKA:  After you say, I just wish..." run back behind Billy because you are so PAINFULLY SHY!!

DEWEY:  Tighten up the cue "Ok, if you sing something, maybe I can make you a singer."  We see you getting frustrated with Tomika, but then you feel bad because she's so painfully shy!

TOMIKA/STUDENTS:  Anticpate that there will probably be applause after Amazing Grace.

SOUND/DEWEY:  Is the guitar plugged in for Math is a Wonderful Thing?

SOUND:  Bell rings after that's a magic number.

TECH CREW:  Jukebox needs to be further SR.  Is there a spike for it?
TECH:  Are we putting liquid in the beer glasses?

NED:  Forget the gloves.  I've never seen you use them.  When you hyperventilate it needs to be really big and wheezy.

PATTY:  Where is the letter from Horace Green?

CAST:  If you were missing any props today, be sure to check in with Jade.  You are responsible for every prop you handle, before, during and after the show.  If you misplace it, you won't have it for the following performance, that's on YOU!

DEWEY/NED:  The scene about the check was SO SLOW!!  I didn't even know what play you were doing.  It seemed like such a heavy drama.  Yes, this is a serious scene, but it drags the energy down.  PICK UP YOUR CUES!!

ROSALIE/SHEINKOPF:  Something really weird and awkward happened here with the blocking when Sheinkopf exited.  You bumped into each other or something.  SHEINKOPF when you exit-- walk straight US.  ROSALIE & DEWEY should be standing next to each other.  It should be from SR to SL:  Dewey, Rosalie, Sheinkopf.

BILLY:  Hold the dress out so the audience can see it.  Again, present it.  You're proud of what you created.

STUDENTS:  As soon as Zack starts to play, focus on him.

ZACK:  Use a piece of paper for the lyrics.

DEWEY:  Look at the paper Zack hands you then put it in your pocket.  Don't put it on the ground.

STUDENTS/DEWEY:  Teacher's Pet put me to sleep. DEWEY you must drive this scene forward.

PARENTS:  STORM THE CLASSROOM WHEN YOU ENTER!!!!!!   MOVE in on Dewey.  You are furious at what you see!!  Don't just stroll in like you're going to a party.

ROSALIE:  Tighten up the moment when you realize the kids are missing.

SHEINKOPF:  Too slow on your entrance.  Come in as the parents are running out.

SOUND:  Mason needs a mic in the last classroom scene.

DEWEY:  Lie on your stomach when you're in the apartment.  The appearance of the kids should surprise you.

TOMIKA:  You need to move around the chair where Dewey is sitting and FREDDY, SUMMER, LAWRENCE AND KATIE circle around the chair so you are surrounding DEWEY.  TOMIKA start moving on "Look Around see what you've done.

PATTY/NED:  React to all the kids running out of your apartment as you run in.

JEFF:  Stand center stage when you introduce No Vacancy.  Then move over to SR.

JEFF:  React when DEWEY and the STUDENTS arrive.  Shush them with a gesture.

LEXA: I do not want to see you handing off the bass to KATIE.

STUDENTS:  Exit faster into the vom.  ALL VOM exits are TOO SLOW!!!

TOMIKA:  Sing your solo to the audience.  Don't sing it to Dewey.

JEFF:  Come out as soon as the song ends.

PARENTS:  School of Rock chant needs to start earlier. Elizabeth and Bryce will start the chant.  Start it as soon as all of No Vacancy come back onstage.

HENRY:  The curtain call intros have to MOVE!!!  High energy as you introduce everyone.


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