Friday, May 13, 2016

Closing Out Notes/Things to Think About!

Hi all - Thanks so much for helping us give our community this really exciting show!

As we enter our final couple of performances and strike, I have some things for everyone to think about:

-Treat each remaining show as if you've never done it before.  Treat every movement, every line, every set move, every thing about the show as if it requires just that much focus and attention to get just right.  When we stop doing that, that's both when a show loses energy for its audience, and when mistakes happen that lead to injuries to people and things.

-Remember to be grateful...for everything!  For the opportunity to do a new show, for the hard work of the wonderful people around you, for readily available food, for insights from the 'hotseat', for standing ovations, and songs that get stuck in your head.  It's hard to get mad about things when you're happy to have them.

-That said, we've reached a point backstage where canoodling couples are actively getting in the way of things that need to happen and resulting in missed cues.  While I'm grateful there is so much romance in the air, I need to lay down the law, as it's actively impacting the show.  Regrettably, allow me to spell it out: We don't sit on each others' laps, kiss/make out, cuddle, nuzzle, grope, have deep talks where you can lose track of time, not be in your place backstage where you're needed, block entrances/exits, etc.  From here out, if it happens backstage, anticipate it will be very hard to join further (SW)2's that bad.

-Strike is on Sunday!  Unless your name is listed below, you are called at 1100am, and we'll continue until we're done.  Bear in mind, we know you're tired, we know you're stressed, but this is just as important a process to us as the build up.  Rest well (as much as possible), eat well, stay focused, and stay motivated...the faster and more efficiently things get done, the sooner we go home.  The following people will need to arrive no later than 1000am:

/Cooper (don't worry, I'll find something to do that doesn't involve knees)
/Grace D
/Daniel N-H
/...or anyone that is available and wants to get us the heck out!

Thanks, all, for what has been a wonderful experience in nearly every way!  Let's bring it home!


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