Friday, April 29, 2016

Needs to Attend to - Actors, Crew, Mgmt

Hi there folks!

Great job through Tech!  We've tackled so much, and are working forward everyday!

Please take care of the following things for me in anticipation of performing next week:

-Submit a Bio (see the earlier blog post for info)

-Make sure your Production Fees are paid up

-We are asking technicians to kick in $10 for show/crew shirts...this should go to the WHS Bookkeeper ASAP

-Bring in any missing Costumes/Props that you've promised...they're essential

-Focus on the job at hand, whether it be onstage/backstage/academic

-Maintain a helpful, grateful, kind's a tough week

-Sell your show!

You're doing a bang up job...keep it going!


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