Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rehearsal Notes for Dress Tech 5/3

Overall, much better than last night, but still plenty of room to grow and improve!


DEWEY:  Opening w/No Vacancy, MUCH BETTER ENERGY!!

THEO:  Great reactions to Dewey during opening number.

SOUND:  Phone ring needs to come faster after "Children of Rock"

DEWEY:  Be more triumphant at the end of "Children of Rock."  Again, live in the fantasy that you will be a rock star.

KATIE:  Make sure you are even with the other lines during Horace Green. We are missing 1 person from the back of the line, so you can move up and be on the same plane as the other line leaders.

SHEINKOPF:  "You're welcome."  Much sharper delivery as if you just did Rosalie a huge favor.  Which you did.

DEWEY:  "Whose got food?"  Come right in with this line as soon as Rosalie leaves.

DEWEY:  Take one bite of the granola bar and then spit it out.  No need to linger over that moment.

LIZ:  Talk less to Freddy during the first classroom.  Focus more on action between Dewey & Summer.

SOUND:  Queen of the Night should be playing as Dewey walks in.

CLAIRE:  Please bring in a chair for Katie during the music room scene on the catwalk..  She needs to sit down to play the cello.  Take it off when you leave.

SUMMER: Say the line, "Ms. Mullins, may I speak to you," from the catwalk.  Then run down to meet her.

KIDS:  Ease up on the activity during the Dewey/Lawrence scene.  You're too distracting.  The audience needs to focus on them.

DEWEY:  Don't give Eric Clapton to CD to Lawrence--it goes to Zack.  Review the order of who gets what CD.

MOSES:  Take the Vogue magazine away from Billy as soon as you discover he's reading it.

LIGHTS: A weird, dark moment when Mooneyham is still talking and Zack hasn't started singing yet.

KATIE:  At the end of If only you would Listen, don't break the line.  Fit into the line downstage, don't stand slightly behind.

SOUND:  Do we have enough mics for all Faculty during Faculty Quadrille?

DEWEY:  Faster entrance into faculty lounge after the Quadrille.

FREDDY:  Come in right away with the line, "Are we gonna goof off like this..."

KIDS:  During Stick it to the Man, those of you on SL, don't cross over to Lawrence until he starts to play his solo.

JAMES:  Use the whistle for "Mullins is on the move"  You have to go to the door before you can say the line.  Hold 3 counts after Stick it to the Man, then go up to the door.

DEWEY: Tighten up the lines when you gather the kids and say "go on my signal."  It's very draggy.

SOUND:  Jeff needs to be mic'd at the end of Act I.

DEWEY:  Start singing  "There's no way you can stop..."  Don't wait for Caldwell.  Let him follow you.

LAWRENCE:  What happened to the black pants?

KIDS:  Great covering of the instruments when Mullins comes in.  Keep doing that.

LIGHTS:  Lights need to come up faster when DEWEY sits at the table in the Roadhouse.

SOUND:  Can Edge of 17 play a little more loudly at the beginning of the scene, than bring it back down.  Can't really tell what the song is.

DEWEY:  Focus on Rosalie when she sings Where did the Rock Go?  You're falling in love.  Don't space out.

BILLY:  When you're holding the dress and you say "It's Fabulous."  Shake the dress on the hanger a little.  Be sassy.  You're proud of your creation.

DEWEY/ZACK:  Let the exchange between you be much faster.  That was awesome.  Zack; You really liked it?

DEWEY:  Tighten up the monologue about all the kids when you're talking to the parents.  It's still your dream to be able to do the Battle of the Bands and you love these kids.  You really do.

MAGGIE:  Don't notice the kids are gone; stay focused on Rosalie.

SOUND:  Mason needs to be mic'd in her scene in Act II. w/Rosalie.

LIGHTS:  The lights need to come up faster on the apartment.  They should come up as Ned and Patty enter.

TOMIKA/LAWRENCE/FREDDY/SUMMER/KATIE/ZACK:  Good reaction to Dewey's apartment.  It can be bigger.

ENSEMBLE:  Make sure everyone is in place on the catwalk and take your cue to bow from Grace and Paige.

Call time for tomorrow is 6pm.  Come at 5 if you want to run things, preset your stuff.  I highly recommend you come early!!!!!!

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