Thursday, May 5, 2016

Notes for Preview May 5th

Hey Everyone,

First off, congratulations on performing in front of your first audience!!  You guys were ready, and they were a delightful crowd.  Hope all your houses will be that enthusiastic.

I have very few notes.  Just a few picky things I need to say or I wouldn't be the director you have come to know and love! Haha! ;-)

Act I
PARENTS/STUDENTS:  Why is the SL line always shorter than the other lines?  Why is it, that the last 3 times I've watched this number, someone different was always in the front of that far left line?  Can you fix that please?

KATIE:  You've been quietly playing Katie in rehearsal, and tonight she exploded!!  I think it was the adrenalin.  You're way too over the top with the energy and enthusiasm.  Bring it back down.  It almost looks like there's something wrong with you, rather than you're playing youthful exuberance.  Also, don't cross over to Zack on his guitar solo.  Only cross to listen to Lawrence.  Bring back the sweet, quiet Katie...not the manic, overly enthusiastic one.  Thanks!

STUDENTS:  When you do the dance for Stick It to the Man, the entire group needs to move over to SL.  Lawrence is on the SR side and he's practically offstage.  Spread it out and move it over.

STUDENTS:  If you can, when covering the drums, try to cover the cymbals.

LIZ:  Run across the catwalk in The Escape.  Don't walk.  You need to be in a hurry.

CLAIRE & LIZ:  You're dancing is too much and too mature. Cut out the shimmies and tone it down.

STUDENTS:  Time to Play was sharper than last night, but still felt off.  You may need/want to run it before the show.

PROPS:  Please put tea (to look like beer) in the glasses and pitcher for The Roadhouse scene.

That's all I've got!  Everybody looks great; the show is running tightly, and you guys deserve to have a fantastic run.  I'll be there on and off throughout the run but just want to say it's been a pleasure working with you all!!!

Break legs and have fun!!!


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