Saturday, April 23, 2016

Notes from Friday's run-through

Hey Gang,

I don't have a lot of notes, but please take the time to read through them and IMPLEMENT them the next time we run the show (Tuesday.)  I will be polishing some things on Monday, but after that, it's all about running the show and getting tighter and stronger every time we do.

If you're still weak on lines and lyrics:  REVIEW!!!  If you're unsure of blocking and choreography: ASK FOR HELP!! It's up to you now to make this show great.  And it can be.  And it will be.  But it's up to ALL OF YOU!!

Act I
DEWEY:  Get more obnoxious earlier on when doing "I'm Too Hot for You."  You desperately want to be playing rock and roll and you're stuck playing this mediocre pop song.  The more obnoxious you get, the more THEO can react to you.

NED:  You will be pulling a blanket off of Dewey in the opening scene in the apartment.  We need to get that blanket sooner rather than later so you can rehearse that bit.

DEWEY:  Wear the gig bag in Mt. Rock, don't just hold it by the handle.  Also, (I'm so sorry, Henry) but we need to reblock some of this because the catwalk is not available during this number.

NO VACANCY:  You guys were late in your entrance to the scene during Climb to the Top of Mt. Rock.

MR. WILLIAMS:  Where were you for your scene entrance with TOMIKA?

ROSALIE:  Let the song and music completely end (Horace Green) before you say "Children, one word before you go..."

THERESA:  Scream as if you see a ghost when you see Ms. Mullins, when she asks if you want  a hug.

KIDS:  Please be aware of where to place your boxes EVERY TIME you set up the classroom.  It's wider than you realize.  We are spiking it for you.

KIDS:  REACT!!!!!  Freddy is the only one worth watching in the opening scene in the classroom.  He is the only one listening to DEWEY.

NED:  Tighten up the line "What's your plan? during Children of Rock.  We will review and polish this number on Monday.

PATTY:  Let Dewy really have it right from the start (after you catch them playing guitar hero.)  You have reached the breaking point.  I have the image of a witch casting her spell...

SUMMER:  Can you get to Ms. Mullins faster on "Ms. Mullins, may I speak to you a moment?"  You can start earlier than you are and run up to her.

KIDS:  The final section of You're in the Band when Dewey is handing out the CD's is ANEMIC!!  You guys look like the Walking Dead.  If the energy in this show drops at any time, we're dead in the water.

BILLY:  Sing louder in If Only You Would Listen.  You're very tentative.  You've got this.  Sing loud and proud!

MASON & SHONELLE:  Sing louder in If Only You Would Listen.

FREDDY:  Come in with the line "Are we gonna goof off..." faster.  Pick up the cue.

SUMMER:  Be careful not to shout on the line "Unrealistic and idealized images..."  Your voice gets really shrill.  Keep it low and supported.

DEWEY/KIDS:  The guitars are in full view when ROSALIE comes into the classroom after Stick It to the Man.  They need to be moved (perhaps stage left behind the students) in order to be "hidden."

KIDS:  Stop coughing after DEWEY says "wheelchairs."

JEFF:  The line "I surrender.  You're in" needs to be much bigger.  You're totally impressed with these sick kids!

KIDS/DEWEY: Reprise of Stick It to the Man is the END OF THE ACT.  You've got to keep up your energy to leave the audience wanting more.

KIDS:  Time to Play-needs to be much sharper.  It will help when there are more props, but for now find a way to make yourselves look busy.  It can't all come from SUMMER.  Not feeling the energy of this number.

KIDS:  There needs to be much more panic when DEWEY talks about the Parents Meeting.

KIDS:  Keep the ad-libbing and talking up until TOMIKA starts to sing.  Then it should stop completely and dramatically as you listen to her.

TOMIKA:  Let's talk to Jon about this, but I think Amazing Grace should be sung slightly faster.

KIDS:  The reaction to TOMIKA needs to be IMMEDIATE.

ROSALIE:  When you move away from DEWEY in Where does the Rock Go-move more Downstage Right (the magic spot!)  This gives you a bit further to cross when you make the cross to center.

NED:  When you find out Dewey has been teaching under your name, your asthma attack needs to be much bigger.  You need to wheeze!

PARENTS/KIDS:  You all need to react when ROSALIE kisses DEWEY at the battle of the bands.

PARENTS:  Please move upstage during the encore at the Battle of the Bands.

DEWEY:  Please go over all your lines for the curtain call.  We will block this on Monday.

That's all for now. Thanks!  Have a nice weekend.

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