Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CallBack List

You may be called back for a specific role or ensemble. Either way, you’ll be ask to sing, attend the movement portion of the callback and possibly read from the script. There are many roles you may be considered for, but in the interest of time, I may only have you read one. Jonathan may have you sing for more than one role.

If you have signed up for an Instrumental audition, you will attend that as well.

The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, March 2nd

330p-520p (Vocal/ActingCallbacks)

530p-700p (Instrumental Auditions)


Thursday, March 3rd

330p-500p (Movement Callbacks)

515p-700p (Instrumental/Acting Callbacks)


Name Role


Maggie Conroy Patty

Andrew Foran Ned/Mr.Williams/Mr.Spencer/Gabe

Aidan Sivers-Boyce Lawrence

Moses Felberg Freddy

Miette LaPierre Katie

Zoe Bennett Summer Hathaway

Taegan Snyder Marcy

Noreena McCleave Shonelle

Grace Dills Patty

Sydney Yeargers Rosalie Mullins

Alexis Barnes Tomika

Parker Callais Mrs. Sheinkopf

Sarah Pfeiffer Marcy

Liz Boyle Sophie

Claire Barnes Marcy

Annia Hedlund Mrs. Sheinkopf

Sofia Solares Shonelle

Cooper Poole Zack Mooneyham

Henry Hakanson Dewey Finn

Olivia Balkam Patty

Bryce Snyder Zack

Tate Iverson Freddy/Lawrence

Wolf Morgan-Steiner Ned

Julia Taylor Patty

Olivia German Marcy

Solomon Burr-Harris Billy Sandford

Daniel Nyounai-Herrera Mr. Williams/Mr. Spencer

Tosca Ruotolo Freddy

Clementine Hage Katie

Lucy Grissom Summer Hathaway

Alexandra Cameron-Pizzo Patty

Grace Dotson Marcy

Levi Nixon Ensemble

Taylor Morehouse Ensemble

Quinland Thompson Ensemble

Elliott Braxton Ensemble

Drake Schultz Ensemble

Amelia Levine Ensemble

Elizabeth Sikora Ensemble

Annika Phillips Ensemble

Daniel Trusty Ensemble

Daltry Russo Ensemble

Tatum Bair Ensemble

Ariel Garcia Ensemble

Brittney Tomko Ensemble

Molly Girsch Ensemble

Lexa Machinski Ensemble

Paige Adrian Ensemble

Sheyko Palacios Ensemble

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